Lazer Industries

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Your official Flux Capacitor Service Center, OK all joking aside... We will repair any Lazer Industries Car Audio Amplifier. Our service department only has one technician, and he is pretty bored as we have had even less defects than expected...and we didn't expect many.
Only two reasons for repairs here, first defective components, which are very rare. Second somebody did something they shouldn't have with the amp, not that there are any guys out there who have pushed an amp harder than it was rated for
...but maybe one guy did... you know who you are.
I would tell you we offered amplifier upgrades like some manufacturers do..... but we did those at the factory before it was shipped to you. We believe in delivering the absolute best product, at the best price.... that word is VALUE.
We Service What We Sell!
LA 202
LA 202 HCO
LA 502
Amplifier Kits